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On September 30, 2022, one of the major companies is born when the already well-established Aalborg Maskinfabrik, Aalborg Maskinfabrik Stål, and Maskinfabrikken Fuglsangs Eftf. come under the same company.

10 months after they first met to discuss the future, the new constellation is now in place in a unified company, with a shared strategy and a shared future. This happens under the new name STERKE.

The three machine factories have until today operated as independent companies in Svenstrup and Aalborg with more than 40 years of experience in engineering, design, hydraulics, cylinders, production of steel structures, machining, and the development of mechanical systems. The background for the new constellation can be found in the desire to be strong in the future, especially within wind turbines, marine, and offshore, which are now receiving extra focus with the government’s plans for future offshore wind farms.

“The new company will be one of the largest players in the market for wind energy equipment. We complement each other well and will be able to handle even larger projects together in the future, especially in wind energy and offshore,” explains Director of the Engineering and Service Division, Kim Palsgaard Thomsen.

Furthermore, the future demands strong competencies in engineers, blacksmiths, and industrial technicians – and by combining the expertise of the two companies, the company will be well-prepared for the future. “We are very good at training young people in the profession, and together the factories have a total of 12 apprentices in the industrial technician and blacksmith programs,” says Director of the Production Division, Christian Jørgensen.

The new company STERKE, as the name suggests, aims to be a strong supplier to meet customers’ needs for development, production, assembly, and service of large complex turnkey solutions.

“We have long considered having our own engineering and development department since we are almost exclusively an order-producing company. So when the opportunity with such a strong company as Aalborg Maskinfabrik presented itself, we had to take a closer look,” says Director of the Machine Shop and Assembly, Lars Christiansen.

As a unified company, STERKE can offer customers designs developed by the engineering department, documentation in the processes, and certifications – and the production, construction, assembly, and service departments will be among the best in size and volume, matching customers’ tasks.

Aalborg Maskinfabrik also solves a practical need when they can move to new and larger premises, housing 10,000 m2 of production facilities and 2,000 m2 of administration at Aalborg Harbor. In 2019, Maskinfabrikken Fuglsang built their factory 200 meters from the Limfjord because the size of future steel structures requires access to quays and shipping.

In the future, the company will focus on three main areas:
• Production of complex steel structures, especially for the wind and offshore industries, where quality requirements are high.
• Development, design, and production of machinery for the transport and lifting of equipment – e.g., wind turbine blades.
• Specialized service and repairs for items such as hydraulic cylinders and gears, as well as machining.

When all 150 employees and their competencies are brought together under one roof, the ambition is that the synergy between the departments will create an innovative environment that will not only provide Northern Jutland with an attractive workplace but also be a serious international player beyond the country’s borders.

In addition to the core tasks, the newly merged company will focus on creating a healthy and innovative workplace where employees have the necessary prerequisites, qualifications, and conditions to carry out tasks on a large scale.


Kim Palsgaard Thomsen
Director of the Engineering and Service Division

Christian Jørgensen
Director of the Production Division

Lars Christiansen
Director of the Machine Shop and Assembly

In addition, Allan Jakobsen, who has been Chairman of the Board of Aalborg Maskinfabrik since 2017, will serve as CEO. Kjeld Palsten will join as Chief Financial Officer.

The owners of the merged company are Kim Palsgaard Thomsen, Christian Jørgensen, Lars Christiansen, Allan Jakobsen, and Vækst-Invest Nordjylland.

We are called STERKE because we exist to construct, calculate, and create strong steel structures and components. Our origin and North Jutlandic heritage provide us with a solid foundation, giving us the strength to reach out to the world while never forgetting where we come from. The name is derived from being strong, being a strong team, and meanings such as steel-set, powerful, durable, and determined.

Allan Jakobsen
Phone: +45 40 30 22 70