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We have extensive experience in machining, where we typically manufacture machine-processed parts based on customer-specific drawings. You can involve us right from design development to production and final assembly. This means that as a customer, only need to approach one place when you need to produce a new product. We have years of experience, modern facilities, and the right certifications.

High quality and full documentation
At Sterke, we can process all types of materials such as carbon steel, stainless steel, cast iron, and plastic, and we handle both larger, planned tasks and urgent tasks that need to be completed within a short deadline. Our competent employees with years of industry experience and our modern machine shop with the right environmental certifications are your guarantee of a job well done. Sterke is your assurance of high-quality products with the required documentation.

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Specialists in steel processing

All tasks are solved by industrial technicians with extensive experience in machine processing and metalworking. We perform various forms of CNC machining for customers throughout Denmark and abroad – and the work is always carried out with the highest quality.

Experience is important

At Sterke, we have our own machine department, where our experienced industrial technicians are ready to solve a wide range of different tasks. These tasks typically involve CNC milling or CNC turning in steel, aluminum, and other materials.

The machine room

In our machining department, we can manufacture parts of all levels of complexity. We can handle all tasks from the very simple to the highly complex parts – all produced according to your own CAD files.

Modern Sterke facilities

At Sterke, we produce machine-processed parts for all industries such as industry, offshore & wind, and marine – especially for green energy, which is an area of significant development. We are involved both in developing new solutions and in performing repairs, where we can quickly respond around the clock. This is possible, in part, due to our modern machine park, which includes newer CNC milling machines and meets the required environmental and occupational health certifications.

Idea development, assembly, and repairs

Technical advice and innovation are key in our industry, as we believe it is the path to being the right sparring partner for you as a customer. Our team consists of dedicated employees with extensive experience, which is your guarantee for high quality in task resolution. We can contribute everything from idea development to assembly and repairs, providing you with a unique 360-degree solution.

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