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Sterke certifications
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At Sterke, we have the competencies and certifications to carry out preventive maintenance and mandatory inspections. We have extensive experience and expertise in various industries such as industrial, offshore &amp wind, and marine. This allows us to ensure that your production equipment is in perfect condition and suitable for daily use. Additionally, we are certified in hygiene quality requirements, enabling us to conduct inspections and services in the food industry.

We keep track of the next inspection
When we perform machine service for our customers, it is you as the customer who helps define the cycle. Afterward, we offer to keep track of when the next service is due – the same applies to mandatory inspections. This frees up time in your daily life to focus on the core tasks of your business, and at the same time, you can be confident that your equipment consistently meets current requirements and regulations.

Se our Sterke solutions

24-Hour Service

At Sterke, we offer service and maintenance around the clock. Our specialists are always ready to head out when urgent issues arise – no matter what the clock is. We also have extensive experience in solving tasks within a short deadline.

Technical Inspection

We perform certified and mandatory inspections, ensuring that your production equipment is in proper and safe condition for daily operations. Additionally, we are certified in hygiene quality requirements, enabling us to also conduct inspections and service in the food industry.

Customized solution

We offer service agreements that can save you a great deal of administrative work. Through our service agreements, we help, among other things, to keep track of your annual technical inspections (TKE), and we will contact you when it’s time to have them carried out.

Sterke service agreements for safe equipment

With a service agreement at Sterke, you can look forward to having everything from cranes, lifting equipment, and lifting gear to mechanical installations serviced. We specialise in areas such as hydraulics and hydraulic cylinders, as well as mechanics like bearings, axles, and gears. Moreover, we have the experience and the right certifications to carry out mandatory inspections. Typically, we visit our customers once a year, but as a customer, you help define the interval between each service inspection. At Sterke, you are also guaranteed a dedicated contact person.

Idea development, assembly, and repairs

Technical advice and innovation are keywords in our industry, as we believe it is the way to be the right sparring partner for you as a customer. Our team consists of dedicated employees with extensive experience, which is your guarantee of high-quality task solutions. We can contribute everything from idea development to assembly and repairs, providing you with a unique 360-degree solution.

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