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In France, we had assemblers and a project manager from Sterke working on a larger assembly and installation task. Specially developed production equipment for the wind industry was transported all the way from Denmark to France, where it was subsequently assembled and installed in collaboration with several Danish partners as well as local partners.

When major wind turbine manufacturers build factories across Europe, a Danish company like Sterke is benchmarked against local actors, and here we manage to be competitive. This is something we are proud of at Sterke: “We are proud to be chosen for the task – mostly because we believe that the key to being the right sparring partner for our customers is about being good at solving problems through craftsmanship and delivering excellent engineering work,” says director Kim Palsgaard Thomsen.

Sterke offers the entire range from consulting, design, and development to production, assembly, and installation. “The combination of consulting and extensive industry knowledge enables us to offer our customers in Offshore & Wind the best solution for their needs. Our in-depth knowledge of this industry makes us a value-creating partner with a focus on consulting, sparring, and knowledge sharing,” Kim Palsgaard Thomsen elaborates.

With the significant assembly and installation task in France, Sterke once again demonstrated that we have succeeded in offering innovative solutions both domestically and abroad. Previously, Sterke has had similar tasks in countries such as England and Germany. According to director Kim Palsgaard Thomsen, this is also due to Sterke’s emphasis on providing quality solutions in everything the company does, whether it’s the development and production of hydraulic cylinders, lifting and production equipment, steel structures, or equipment service and renovation.

I have known Sterke for many years, and we have always had a very good collaboration. It’s important to me that we have suppliers who are quick and flexible. We are busier than ever – and as we are an order-producing company with short delivery times, and there are breakdowns in production, we are left with customers missing their goods. Sterke has a great understanding of our production and the importance of high operational reliability. On more than one occasion, I have taken a hydraulic cylinder to Sterke on my way home, only to pick it up again on my return to work the next morning. I really appreciate that.

– Kurt Stig Nielsen, Production Manager at Rold Savværk in Arden

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